Parts Presentation – PT4115

Digging into another engineers work is often a great chance to learn new things. This is one of those. In a recent tear-down I found a nice little chip that could be useful in many of my home illumination projects. Let’s check it out.

PT4115 LED Driver for Ange_S.jpg

It’s the PT4115: a 30V, 1.2A step-down high brightness LED driver with 5000:1 dimming. It’s a constant current step-down converter with integrated mosfet. It has a PWM input for light dimming and is mainly used for LED driving. In many cases like this here the dim-pin isn’t even used. But it is so useful cause the circuit itself has a low parts count and I could easily use it drive some LED lights. Using this chip I created a little test circuit for driving 10W LEDs. In addition of that I need a microcontroller of some sort. Even a simple software pwm driving should work.


Later more …


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BY DAY: R&D engineer at a local company developing and testing electro-mechanical devices. BY NIGHT: Writing code, developing hardware, doing wonderful awesome stuff.

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